Friday, October 22, 2010

BlackBerry sin not to death

While many BlackBerry recent failures, but the dependence of people on the BlackBerry, and the replacement cost of the platform than the BlackBerry is not enough to be eliminated. On the contrary, this issue is so prominent, just to prove the influence of blackberry growing up.

Recently, the Canadian smartphone maker Research In Motion (RIM) for BlackBerry (BlackBerry) mobile phone service network problems seem to continue. A few days ago, massive fault BlackBerry again, from the United States extended to the entire eastern North America, all BlackBerry users send and receive messages are a problem. While RIM was later clarified, saying that failure is not the services were completely disrupted, but the company's routine maintenance of the network longer than originally planned due to be extended, but there are a lot of pessimists that the BlackBerry will be "dead."

I can not agree with them, if you used the Toronto transit system, you will understand why the service interruption will not allow people to give up a BlackBerry.

Winter, snow is already on the Canadians is common, but the largest city in the country but only because a small amount of snow on the paralyzed. You will find the people who work open to the smooth operation of the car early from work, spent several local newspaper reported that pedestrians in the street layout slide, and even subway outage actually have a. Even if they have early warning of snow did not help. Suddenly, people seem to no longer rely on transport services, and light outage, and when the good times and bad subway, buses are running slow. It would appear that, compared with the Toronto Transportation Commission, RIM's run record becomes not so bad.

I have and like others, has complained that RIM's service is not good enough, can not allow users to understand the fault conditions. However, this response was somewhat improved, although the software upgrade is very bad. The concern about failure, simply because the BlackBerry platform is very prominent, more and more influential, and not because a large number of users, or the failure time of up to 3 hours. In fact, 3 hours can not receive mail, to the vast majority of people, how much can the impact?

Toronto transit system paralyzed, the Toronto Transportation Commission also tried to communicate better. Sometimes, the confusion of the system will tell us where mechanical failure; sometimes the alarm will be sounded; the most serious fault in a station identified as "emergencies." Yes, in these cases, you will want to switch to buses do not take the subway, but the fact is, you find that buses are late.

BlackBerry is now somewhat similar situation and this. Microsoft wanted to use RIM's unfortunate, "I think you should be willing to talk with the experts, they can tell you a stable platform for mobile e-mail, access the company's trust." Wrote one of Microsoft's publicity. But in fact, most users do not want to do is take risks with unfamiliar software. Windows Mobile 6 may give IT more control over the equipment and network access, but many companies prefer to experience one or two failures a year.

Users of the fault tolerance and their dependence on this service is directly proportional, and the opportunity cost of changing the platform also has a relationship. If your Blackberry problems, or your internal network server is a problem, you will immediately eliminate them? I think you would say this is not the right. You can take the time to make up work during the fault, so people would not need to find another, and this seems to Toronto Transportation Authority is trying to dozens of individuals into the bus. So, while we are angry, but once or twice a failure does not enable us to completely abandon the service provider and its products.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Easy to master with your line of sub-chain migration concepts and action

In practical applications, if the line sub-chain and the line moved Jingchang removed, then the block may not be reused in the free 绌洪棿, so in this case, we make use of space, it can be set to pctused high point during the operation mainly in the INSERT trigger line sub-chain operation. The line of migration caused mainly by the UPDATE operation.

Bank Link

Line links: Insert or Update cause, there is a different block of Row, row by different parts of different block address (ROWID) chain into a chain, can be set large DB_BLOCK_SIZE to reduce the occurrence of the link line, but can not be avoided (LOB) .

Bank Transfer: Update cause, as PCTFREE too small, ROWID unchanged, can be reduced by increasing the value of PCTFREE line of migration occurred.

Line sub-chain is not big enough DB_BLOCK_SIZE settings, so that the line for some big (like varchar2 (32666), blob, clob of length greater than the block size (eg 4K)) certainly can not save a block row, we need to keep separate line to a different block. in particular blob of this type, it is best to set up a separate table space to hold the actual data.

Contains a LONG / LONG RAW column, in this case, which is usually stored in the last Oracle maintain a LOB locator to allow quick access to the line outside the LOB. LOB locator, about 24 bytes, DISABLE STORAGE IN ROW save the line parameter to achieve outside the (scatter), regardless of data size of the row sub-chain is difficult to control (unless DB_BLOCK_SIZE by choosing large enough, can hold the line It is usually impossible). However, the line moved through the CREATE / ALTER TABLE command parameters PCTFREE and PCTUSED effective control.

Another line of links is the line occurred in the conduct of successful migration, such as UPDATE operation caused. When the update line to increase the size of the current free block is not enough space to lay down the line, then put the whole line to take out adequate space into a block (if not block up the necessary space for the entire line, line be divided into chain; if even if it is divided into chains still not enough space, then an error message "ORA-1650-55: Unable to extend).

Bank Transfer

If we want to update a row (update always allowed), and its line up, while the increase of the line is larger than the space required for block of free space. If we put a line in the extra space into another a block, while another line on the original block (which is the line of sub-link), so that block 100% of the original fill. This seems to only happen in a separate row, ORACLE will move this entire line to the other block can accommodate the space (this is the line of migration). This will remain in the original block in a line head, the first in line to retain the put the address of the actual line of block. The line links, but the application never know, use the SQL are no different, he just performance reasons. If the index to read through this line, the index will point to the first new block Not only is the use of two IO read about the index, plus a 1 IO to read this table to keep using PCTFREE free space per block, allowing OK still in the original block, not this kind, expansion.

If PCTFREE is 0, then all the free space will be used INSERT, UPDATE will line up to move to another block to fit the needs of expansion.

In the ideal case, set PCTFREE for the median size in line with the maximum values. For example, if the size of the median line is estimated at about 900 bytes, maximum line size of 1255 bytes, then set the PCTFREE value 10 (default) and 30 between the more reasonable.




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Thursday, September 23, 2010

AMD Intel on EU antitrust penalties comment

AMD CEO Dirk Meyer said: "Today's ruling is to establish a truly competitive market, an important step. AMD has always been innovation leaders. We look forward to rule the world from Intel Xiazou out to consumers to call the shots."

AMD Tom McCoy, vice president of legal affairs, said: "After a thorough investigation, the European Union reached a final conclusion - Intel violated the law, consumers are hurt. With this penalty, Intel's monopolistic pricing behavior will come to an end, the industry will benefit from European consumers can enjoy a better choice, value and innovation. "

AMD in particular the European Commission ruled that the three key points:

1, "If the PC's x86 processor manufacturers need all or most of them are purchased from Intel, Intel will provide them with all or part of a secret discounts."

2, "from October 2002 to December 2007, Intel to (Germany), Media Saturn Holding large retailers to pay the compensation, and allowed to expand operations in all countries only sell Intel-based PC."

3, "(Intel) direct interference in the relationship between PC manufacturers and AMD. If the PC makers to postpone or cancel the release of products based on AMD processors, Intel will be paid to them, and nothing to do with whether to buy Intel products."

AMD said, Intel has so far failed to allow any anti-monopoly law enforcement agencies believe that their business practices are legitimate, interests of consumers.

In 2008, the Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) decided to Intel fined 26 billion won (equivalent to 25.4 million U.S. dollars at that time), and pointed out that Intel abused its market dominance, including millions of dollars and buying customers forced to use only Intel processors Unpublish AMD products and / or developing any new products using AMD chips. KFTC also found that: "Because of local PC makers have to buy more expensive Intel processors only for the purchase of South Korean consumers to pay higher prices for PC." KTFC also called Intel and AMD do not stop the business from the PC manufacturers to pay remuneration. Intel is on this appeal.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How to avoid the trap of price competition?

We launched in 2005, price competition study was to provide a real hard data to help understand the various industries, the U.S. sales organizations of all sizes face difficult problems.

The biggest problem is price competition. In the current global economic situation, the sales staff to bear unprecedented price competition pressure, which mainly come from domestic and foreign competitors. If you take price-cutting strategy, the sales profit will drop, resulting in declining profits, lower sales remuneration.

More seriously, the face of this downward pressure on prices, sales personnel had to yield to compromise and reduce the sales price, to compete with rivals. However, after the purchase, customers should continue to demand lower prices discount, resulting in a vicious cycle of price reductions. Therefore, the bargain sale of the dialogue process has become the core of the fundamental theory of value can not be reflected here.

"Action marketing" is a management and implementation of the marketing research system. As the founder of the system, TheSalesBoard large number of customers in the organization recognized the existence of this vicious circle. Price Competition in 2005, the original intention is to provide a consistent statistical theory of data, to clear all sectors involved in sales and the company's future prospects of many problems.

Issues include:

1. For many U.S. companies, price competition, the situation will become more and more bad?

2. Price competition is not a sales force to promote the company and the key into the vicious cycle of discount factors, which affect or threaten corporate profits, leading to self-depreciation, a cheap product?

3. The main factors leading to these problems is what?

4. What should be an effective strategy to deal with this difficulty, in order to protect sales profits?

The last question on the healthy development of U.S. companies and sales prospects for the future of the most crucial career. To know that if the sales process evolved into a race with competitors on price, there is no need to employ a sales staff.

From the overall market perspective, changes in products and services faster and faster, making it difficult to respective products and other products and services in the "Features + advantage" to be based on the distinction. Some value-added strategies such as extended warranty, "cooperation" projects have been widely adopted by many businesses. Services and value-added features, the customer view, should be value for money. If the sales professionals can not find an effective way of selling, the sales of their products and services with other businesses distinguishes it, with the added value of such services is futile. No business, there is no future, pay more do not sell!

Sales staff can "sell their own values," to protect their profits, while the factors affecting this process is critical, therefore, the ultimate goal of this study is to clear these factors.

In this study, we have a great discovery, one of the most critical factor is the sales staff's individual behavior and habits, rather than price factors. In other words, to avoid price competition, to prevent the slide into cheap merchandise sales is not about how the sales approach is adopted.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The latest satellite positioning chips used indoors less than one second positioning

According to foreign media reports, a newly developed portable equipment for satellite positioning chips can be collected at the same time the United States and the European Galileo navigation satellite GPS information, in less than a second time to complete accurately.

This new product called U-Blox 5, the same name from the Swiss company. The company will next month at the 3GSM Conference in Barcelona, Spain published on the product. The biggest highlight of the orientation chip "foot boats", you can collect the U.S. GPS and Europe's Galileo satellite data.

It is reported that the sensitivity of this chip as-160dBM, means a portable device using this chip can achieve localization in indoor, in addition to use with many relatively poor environmental situations, such as supermarkets, railway stations and so on.

In addition to this positioning chip in addition, U-Blox company learned 3GSM conference will also demonstrate other products companies, including a GPS transceiver products can be temporarily stored a number of geographical data, so that users at all times at each location without the need for geographical coordinates of the network to download new data, save some trouble.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Quit with the accumulation of

First like to say is a need for sensible things, so do not work playing in character, Tianya some people may think you have great personality and applause, the Company telephone companies will not think you have great character and avoid your bill. When you are very handsome to sack your boss, when you dig up some cool to the recruitment of HR, billing, or to take or pay, but less time you make money, in addition to yourself, no one loss.

I am not opposed to change jobs, but quit not solve the problem, but the consequences of changing jobs frequently is people think there is no loyalty at all, and can not work without distraction. Many people now work from the Internet to find many people looking for work sites are often out of more bad idea to know that they are profit-making enterprise, of course, profit from their own point of view, we change jobs more frequently the more business they often find work booming, so encouraging people to quit their job. So they will often tell you that you get to pay less, you enjoy the benefits of the poor, but also a "pay Love Letters" is "praise free-spirited soul." Whether it is going so you can not feel at ease, you jump a tank to solve problems, whether it be more happy that they no control over.

There is definitely a problem to switch to general problems, and hide is not immune, and many people quit because of this or not as happy, if this is not happy at this company can not solve, then the next company Most can not afford to have resolved. You have to believe that 90% of cases, your company is not so bad, you think good companies are not as good. As Siege says in "the city desperately want to rush out and rushed outside who desperately want to go." Every company has issues every company, no problem is non-existent. A change of scenery you will encounter do not know what problems it would be better to solve problems out in the present. A lot of problems when you really want to solve the time, perhaps not so difficult. Sometimes you think the problem is solved, in fact, it is just "you think."

Life should be winding up the curve, and occasionally experience fear, are low but the twists and turns upward trend, not as often as the pulse back to the starting point, I have seen a lot of interviewers, more than 30 years old, 45 were work experience, as many as three years each, from at least 1 year, 30 years old to start over from the start and began a primary position, take the basic entry-level salaries, and the 20-year-olds to compete, do not feel a bit Why hard? What better this time?

I am not in favor of an industry more than three years after the exchange industry, basically, 35-year-old former capital by working hard for our survival, 35 to life is the accumulation of capital by such accumulation of interpersonal relationships, experience, contacts, word of mouth ... ... If you keep changing the industry, representing the accumulation of several years in vain, all from scratch, if it was twice the industry, only about 35 years old 5 years of accumulation, and a not changed in the industry, at least With the accumulation of 10 years, who will dominate? work until 2-3 years, many people feel that work is not smooth, as if to a bottleneck, feeling bored, wanted to resign, even for an industry, think that all the trouble of all can be put aside, would be much better. Actually, this only allows you to start from scratch, to the time will occur the same as the original trade difficulties, survive on the cross took a big step up, to know that everyone goes through this process, each person's career, comes across a few a bottleneck, you survive a while someone ahead of you did not survive. Running long-distance running people will know that the beginning is easy, but soon there will be the first uncomfortable, but after that can run for a long period, followed by a second unpleasant encounter, insisted over the future can run a so back and forth, severe discomfort every time, until it no longer persist. Most people can not stand the first time, some people can persist in the second and third time even though you can not hold on, but did not go to a few people here, and this capital enough for you to secure live this life the.

A job to two or three years time, most people will become skilled, this time often find ourselves constantly repeating, many people will feel tired, some people feel that they have get to know everything, so too lazy to seek progress the. Change jobs often lose interest because of that, and feel that they have completed the match. In fact, this game has only just begun when, working two or three years, whether the customer relationship, contacts, men, and the relationship between leadership, reputation in the industry ... ... of these are not enough, but the results were slightly always feel good, everyone felt terribly iron with customer relations, felt very good reputation in the industry. In fact you can say for sure, definitely not, at this time or the energy to come up to the previous two years, and steady accumulation is just beginning.

You know enough about your customers? Do you know what his biggest worry? Do you know enough about your boss? You know what his biggest worry? Do you know enough about your hands? You know that his biggest worry What? If you do not know, how can you think that they have accumulated enough? If you do not know, how do you let them help you, do you want them to do? If they do not do you want to so that they do, how can you successful?

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Christmasgift DVD to MPG

Christmasgift DVD to MPG is a powerful video conversion program and easy convert MPG to MPEG, AVI, WMV, MP4, 3GP, MOV, RM, VCD, DVD, SVCD formats. also can support batch video files conversion of different video formats such as DVD AVI MPEG ASF MOV SWF at the same time. it also can support to burn VCD SVCD DVD. And best of all, it has a powerful video decompress/compress engine that convert whole MPG movie to DVD in 30 minutes! Except for converting AVI to iPod Video and converting Video to iPod,it also supports converting among MPG, WMV, MP4, 3GP, MOV, RM, PSP Video, iPod Video, Zune Video, iPhone Video!

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